Helga stroking her "cat", Fluffy.

Helga Fawntanilla is a character who frequently appears in Nigahiga videos. She is played by Tim Enos.


Helga is a very unattractive girl who suffers from U.G.L.Y.. She is actually the alter-ego of Tim Enos. Tim doesn't seem to realize he is her (as seen in House), despite turning into her directly in The Ninja Glare. However, it is possible when he turns into her, he forgets he is himself and gains Helga's personality. Helga once made an appearance on The Ryan Higa Show where she discovered she also has D.U.M.B.A.S.S. as well as U.G.L.Y. She also has an obsession with cats, implying she has many of them. Her favourite cat's name is Fluffy. She is very violent and once beat up Sean for calling her ugly. For an unknown reason, she attempted to steal The Sorceror's Stone in Harry Potter by hiding her identity and trying to take it from Harry.