Helga Fawntanilla is a video made by Nigahiga. It is the first instalment of The Ryan Higa Show.


Ryan interviewing Helga.


The video starts with Ryan introducing the show, and then the special guest of the video, Helga Fawntanilla. Ryan and Helga take their seats and Ryan starts his interview with Helga. He reads on his clipboard that Helga has an obsession with cats and her favourite cat’s name is Fluffy, to which Helga confirms. Helga retrieves Fluffy (which is actually just a wig) loudly, which freaks out Ryan. Ryan then reads that Helga suffers from a disorder known as Uranium Gysotomic Lynostic Yeast-infection, which is also known as U.G.L.Y.. Ryan attempts to interview Helga further, but she continuously interrupts him with loud yells at Fluffy. He eventually convinces her to put Fluffy away. Ryan asks Helga if she has any hobbies or talents, to which she responds with a strange dance. From what he’s seen, Ryan concludes that Helga has another disorder, Distol Uranium Masticular Bi Acetone Systonic Shit, also known as D.U.M.B.A.S.S., as well as U.G.L.Y. This sends Helga into a crying fit and Ryan beats her with his clipboard to knock some sense into her.

In order to move the show along, Ryan asks the audience if they have any questions. One of the audience members (Sean) responds by asking Ryan why Helga is so ugly. When Helga hears this, she gets up, runs into the crowd and starts to beat Sean. Helga drags Sean onto the stage and stuffs him under the chair like she did to Fluffy previously. Ryan scolds Helga for what she did and asks her what she has to say for herself. Helga responds by saying she likes cats, then leaves. Sean emerges from under the chair and attempts to leave, only to be tackled and beaten again by Helga in the process. Ryan ends the show as Sean appears and pleads for help, only for Helga to pull him back and beat him some more.



  • Ryan is the only person in this video who isn't beaten at some point and/or stuffed under Helga's chair by Helga.