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How to be Ninja is a series of Youtube videos that shows you how to become an excellent ninja.


A nerd (Sean Fujiyoshi) is reading a book then suddenly a bully (Ryan Higa) beats him up. Then a voice asks if he wants to learn to defend himself and throws him the video on how to be ninja.

Songs UsedEdit

  • Carl Douglas - Kung Fu Fighting
  • Mortal Kombat Theme Song
  • Pink Panther Theme Song
  • Fergie - Clumsy


(Nerd reads a book.)

(Bully Arrives.)

Bully  : Give me your money.

Nerd  : No....No....Noooooooo

(Bully starts beating him up.)

Nerd  : Ow... Ah... Stop it ow.....

(Bully stops beating him up.)

Voice  : Hey, You!

Nerd  : Who, Me?

Voice  : Yeah, You.

Nerd  : God?

Voice  : Wanna learn how to defend yourself?

Nerd  : Yeah.

Voice  : Aren't you tired of bullies picking on you all the time?

Nerd  : Mmm-hmm...

(Shows a DVD named "How to Be Ninja". )

Voice  : Then, How to be Ninja is the DVD for You.

(Nerd fails to catch it.)

Voice  : This DVD includes your two very own personal trainers.

Hanate  : Hello everyone, my name is Hanate Wakuso Shiseo Tadashite Teriyaki Suzuki Honda Civic.

Bob  : Hello, my name is Bob.

Hanate  : And we will be teaching you how to be...

Both  : NINJA!

(Hanate slaps Bob in the face.)

Hanate  : The first lesson in being a ninja is making loud, unessessary sounds when you hit things.

(He hits multiple things and fails hitting the last.)

Bob  : A true ninja can catch things with his chopsticks.

(Bob fails multiple times then catches a plastic water bottle.)

Bob  : Hey, I caught it!

(Big Bouncing Inflatable Green Ball is thrown at him.)

Hanate  : Lesson three, a true ninja knows how to teleport from place to place.

(He begins teleporting.)

Hanate  : And that's how it's done.

Bob  : Lesson four, you must be able to transform into anything. You must be able to become an animal.

(Hanate imitates a monkey.)

Bob  : You may imitate a tree.

(Hanate imitates a tree.)

Bob  : Maybe even a fag.

(Hanate imitates a fag.)

Bob  : And you must be able to imitate anyone.

Hanate  : (stuttering) My name is Daxflame.

(Bob shows a thumbs up.)

Hanate  : Lesson number five, you must know how to perform a fatality.

(Hanate and Bob fight until Hanate produces a fatality by farting.)

Hanate  : If you follow all these lessons.....

Bob  : .....It should look a little something like this.

(Hanate and Bob fight again.)

Hanate  : Ah forget this.

(He gets a Gun and shoots Bob.)

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