Introductions is a video made by Nigahiga. It is the first episode in the Skitzo series.


Ryan gathers Hanate, R-Dizzle and Regina to a meeting to discuss something. Before Ryan tells the others why he brought them there, he asks them to introduce themselves. Ryan tells R-Dizzle to go first, but he doesn't listen. Ryan



  • R-Dizzle: (notices Ryan looking at him) What?
  • Ryan: Why don't you introduce yourself?
  • R-Dizzle: Why don't you?!?
  • Ryan: I just did. Weren't you listening?
  • R-Dizzle: No.
  • R-Dizzle: You racist, dawg? You racist?!?!
  • Ryan: No, I swear. I was just trying to...
  • R-Dizzle: Nah, I was just playin'. Go ahead.
  • Regina: Hi, guys. My name is Regina. But you can call me "Regina".
  • Hanate: (heavy Chinese accent) Hello, everybody.
  • R-Dizzle: What?
  • Hanate: My name is "Boob" (Bob), but you can call me "Hanatewakusoshiseotadashiteteriyakisuzukihondacivic", okayyy.
  • Regina: (about Hanate's real name) If his name is "Boob", can I be "Regi-na"?


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