New Moon is the eighth edition of the Movies In Minutes series. It is a spoof of the movie adaption of the book, New Moon.

Bella meets Laurent

Bella meets Laurent.


Bella (Tarynn) tells Edward (Ryan) that it’s her birthday and then asks him to kiss her, to which he denies because of her bad breath. Next, Alice (Tim) is seen falling down the stairs. Bella helps her up and she tells Bella it’s time, and they go to a party for Bella in the living room. Alice walks up to Jasper (Sean) and asks him if her dress makes her look fat, to which he nods. Edward presents Bella with her birthday present which is a knife. Bella accidentally cuts herself and bleeds. When Edward sees the blood, his vampire instinct kicks in, and he attacks Bella. Jasper attempts to save Bella, but Edward gives him a purple nurple and pushes him down. Later, Edward apologizes to Bella and tells her he’ll never put her through something like that again and leaves, but not before slapping her due to a mosquito. Bella attempts to stop Edward from leaving, but he slaps her repeatedly to make her let go. Bella then hears voices and sees Laurent (Sean, again). Laurent tells Bella that she can’t mean that much to Edward because he left her. Suddenly, Jacob (Tim, again) appears, running towards Bella. After tripping and smashing through a toy house, he jumps over her and she ducks. When Bella turns to him, she sees he has transformed into a dog, which she mistakes for a penguin.