Sean realizes he's being replaced.

Sean Returns! is a video made by Nigahiga.


Sean goes onto YouTube and sees that Ryan has uploaded a new video, Ryan and Sean's NSEA Trailer. When he watches it, he is shocked to realize that Ryan has replaced him. Sean desperately calls Ryan looking for answers. Ryan lies and says he didn’t replace him and then tells him that he just uploaded a new video where they were filming their movie. Sean watches the video, Ryan & Sean Go to California, but is saddened further when he notices it only features Ryan and he isn’t in it at all.

Sean talks to Ryan again and complains that he isn’t in any videos anymore. Ryan tells him that the reason for that is they have too much Asian in their videos and uses a Twinkee as an example. Sean strangely believes him and hangs up. Unbeknownst to him, Ryan has really replaced him as Ryan and the replacement stare evilly at the screen.



  • Apparently, Sean’s nickname is “The Fluffy Bunny”.
  • Ryan is seen reading the sentence, “and the bunny went hop, hop, hop all the way home” from a book. He also reads this out of a book in The Number 21.
  • Ryan’s ringtone is Yank Dat Cameltoe, a song used in a previous Nigahiga video.
  • A running gag in this video is that Ryan’s phone changes into a different object in each shot. Here is a list of the “phone obects”: mobile, TV remote, phone with a cord, computer mouse, a headset, plastic spoon, a toothbrush, candy bar and a mobile again.