Ryan and Sean get drunk.

The Number 21 is a video made by Nigahiga. It is currently flagged from YouTube due to copyrighted music.


The video starts with Ryan sitting on the floor in his bathroom in a mental state. Ryan narrates his story saying he doesn’t know how he got there, then flashbacks to earlier that day. Ryan wakes up and starts freaking out when he sees the number 21 everywhere. Eventually he bumps into Sean, who doesn’t believe that the number 21 has cursed Ryan. Ryan and Sean attempt to play a card game to keep his mind off the curse, but Ryan freaks out again when the cards he receives make the number 21.

Ryan tries several times to convince Sean there is a curse, but to no avail. When Ryan uses his birthday as an example and Sean realizes that it’s Ryan has reached his 21st, he suggests they get drunk and they immeadiately do. Ryan gets so drunk, he needs to puke, and then the narrating Ryan realizes that the reason he was in the bathroom in a mental state is because he was drunk and it had nothing to do with the number 21.


Cultural References


  • This is one of the few Nigahiga videos to have a horror theme.