Twilight is basically goin' like this

Bella is coming into the room and the fan blows her vampiric scent to Edward. As she sits, Edward passes her a bottle of perfume. Then another. Then about 15 more. She is well offended.----> She is outside stuffing waterguns in her backpack and then there is a crazy dude driving and a lil' car shows up on the road and was about to crash. Then, she goes into the forest and Ed follows.

"What am I? he says, "Say it-say it out loud."

Stupidly, she responds, "A mermaid."


"A mermaid."

"Do you believe me?"


They play baseball. Watch that part yourself.

Then "James" came. Watch that part too.

Edward is running with Bella on his back. He stops after runing to the end of his backyard. "Wanna watch me climb this tree?"

"Oh, can I climb with you?"

"Nah, your too fat."Watch the

boopers and your done.