Why Chris Brown Beat Rhianna is a video made by Nigahiga.


Ryan explains to the audience what happened during the incident where Chris Brown assulted his girlfriend, Rihanna: Rihanna is seen insulting Chris, who is standing at her front door trying to apologize and tells him to leave because he got caught cheating on her. Chris debates, saying he couldn’t have cheated on her because he was with her the night it happened, but Rihanna doesn’t believe him. Chris then says that Rihanna said one night that she was cheating on him, but she says it doesn’t matter, because she is leaving him. Rihanna then tells Chris to leave and Chris gets really angry when she says she likes Jesse MacCartney better then him. Chris gets so angry, he storms into the house ready to make Rihanna regret what she said. Rihanna begins to weep and attempts to make peace with Chris, but to no avail. When Rihanna insults Chris again by saying he didn’t say a line of one of his songs properly, Chris punches her in the face as Ryan ends the video.


  • Ryan Higa as himself, Chris Brown and Rihanna


  • In the video, Rihanna mistakes a lamp for an umbrella. This also happens in Transformers: Revenge of the Household Objects.
  • When Rihanna and Chris are seen sleeping in bed, the digital clock to the side reads, “4:36”. Since the room is somewhat bright, they would’ve had to be sleeping in the afternoon.
  • Rihanna later appears in Hook on Fonik and in the Skitzo series under the name, "Regina".